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April 12, 2016

Accidental Counterfeiter

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I haven’t written in this blog for quite a while because I had finally gotten the counterfeiting problem under control somewhat. Since Alibaba went public, they have been quite good at delisting counterfeiters quickly and dealing with issues of theft harshly. But as any manufacturer knows, you can never rest when it comes to thieves stealing your intellectual property 502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway


One reason I don’t get too upset at someone who is making a profit from my product is because sometimes they are victims too. What usually happens is that a counterfeiter will show up and sell them the counterfeit version of a product and they are unaware that it’s covered by someone else’s patent or trademark.

Several times I’ve come across people who had my product on their site and they didn’t know it was counterfeit, but also they had their own products that were being stolen.

One of them was Elva’s online store in Ali Express. She posted my product without knowing it was a counterfeit. As usual, manufacturers approached her with a product and claimed it was theirs. She also has her own products that have been stolen and she is also battling with counterfeiters.

So, if you are a manufacturer who is going through this, go easy on people at first because they may not know where the product came from. Sometime you can even get them to buy from you if they want to continue selling the product. And sometimes they will also help you track down the people who are the real culprits. If they are honest, ethical business people they will hate the counterfeiters as much as you do and want to see them punished.

If the problem continues to happen, then you know you are dealing with unethical counterfeiters and there are plenty of ways to deal with them.



November 28, 2013

Trading Company

I contacted the Ninghai Excellence Commodity Co, Ltd. from their email on Alibaba and I am happy to report that Lily Hu from the company responded quickly.

Lily said that they would remove the counterfeit product from their website. I hope Infringer Blacklist will eventually become a reference for the good traders, distributors and manufacturers out there. As of today, Ninghai goes on the good list.

June 15, 2013

Alibaba still allows counterfeiters on their site

Okay, this is really getting old. Every single day I have to contact to take down infringers from their site. They continue to say that they are just a middleman and they don’t have control over their own site. Really? The law says that if you have counterfeiters on your site you must take them down. But this is happening every single day.

As soon as one counterfeiter is removed another one is right back up. Like cockroaches.

I heard from Wendy in the U.S. office and we are going to have a conversation next week. I don’t think this is ever going to stop and I frankly don’t have the time to constantly spend my time doing nothing except monitoring their site for infringers.

Since it looks like it is never going to end, I’m afraid the only way to put a nail in the coffin is to take this to court. I would like to settle it another way, but Alibaba shows no signs that they respect intellectual property.


June 9, 2013

Made-in-China removes counterfeit product

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I’ve been dealing with this company for years, but for now it looks like they have taken down the counterfeiters from their website. With all counterfeiting, you have to constantly monitor the Internet to make sure.

Though you can never control everything, you can make sure thieves don’t have your product on the major sites. They would have too much to lose if their entire site was banned by Google.

The first step is to ask nicely. And if that doesn’t work you start reporting it to the search engines and their hosting companies. Let them deal with it. A second warning to sites that allow counterfeit products on their site is dealt with more harshly.


May 19, 2013

Alibaba continues to sell counterfeit products

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After my trade dress for swiggies was issued, I thought my problems with Alibaba were over. But apparently they don’t seem to understand or care about intellectual property rights. Unlike their competition, Trade Key, who removed infringers and have never again put them back up on their website, Alibaba refuges to deal with this.

Just 2 weeks after having all infringers taken down they were back up again on the site. I’ve also sent cease and desist notices out to several companies and will wait to see their response before I post them here.

Sometimes people simply aren’t aware that they are selling counterfeit products. But once they have been notified, all counterfeit items should be taken down.

I will keep you updated on what happens.

July 13, 2012

Project Copycat

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I was happy to hear that ICE and Homeland Security has seized 70 websites that were selling illegal counterfeit merchandise. This was all part of Project Copy Cat, an iteration of Operation in Our Sites. The counterfeit merchandise was sold on websites that so closely resembled the real sites that it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

The websites have been shut down and the domains are in the custody of the US government. If you visit the websites now you will simply see a banner that tells customers the site has been seized, along with information on counterfeit products and their dangers, since counterfeit companies don’t care about quality or hazardous materials.

Normally you wouldn’t see an SSL certificate, but this time the sites also had those on them, which collected credit card and personal information on customers.

As an intellectual property holder I can tell you that it’s a huge problem and it’s not just money we are losing. It’s also the reputation of the brand name when counterfeiters cause harm through their actions. I hope this is just the beginning of a major crackdown on counterfeiters.

December 24, 2010 fights counterfeiters

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I sen an email to to let them know that they had counterfeit versions of my wrist water bottle product on their site. I got a very quick response from Amber to let me know that she was removing them from their site.

The first thing any IP owner should do is to contact the infringing company to let them know what they have on their site is infringing your intellectual property. Quite often they aren’t aware of it and will remove it.

Start off nice. If it doesn’t come off or you don’t get a response, you can be a little more harsh. If they persist or don’t respond after that you need to take it to the next level with the search engines and their hosting.

I’m eventually going to put together a naughty and nice list.…you go on the nice list.

December 22, 2010

Yongkang Renjun Metal Factory Products is a Counterfeit Operation

I just got off the phone with WalMart to let them know about the counterfeit site that has “claimed” to be an authorized Walmart dealer. They have a page on Alibaba that makes that claim. I just want to make sure Walmart knows about them.

The company is Yongkang Renjun Metal Products Factory. They are violating my copyrights with pictures they have stolen off of my site and are violating my trade dress protection.

The general manager at Yongkang, Jenny Chan, has refused to cooperate or return emails. Rest assured, Ms. Jenny Chan, I WILL make sure the rest of the world knows that your company is a bunch of thieves. Anyone who does business with Yongkang will also be exposed for dealing with counterfeits. This includes Alibaba.

December 21, 2010

Promotional Promo Added to the Whitelist

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I sent an email to Tina Lee, the sales manager at Promotional Promo, that there was a counterfeit product on their site. She emailed me back quickly and removed the infringing product from the website.

Sometimes companies don’t know that they are being sold a counterfeit product. Thanks to Tina for being one of the “good” guys.

China’s Counterfeit Crackdown: Is This One For Real?

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I would like to think that China will finally do something about counterfeiting, but I have plenty of doubt:

article by Fraser Smith

The Chinese government has launched a new crackdown on product piracy after continued pressure from Western governments.

Announcing the move at a press conference, a deputy commerce minister, Jiang Zengwei  promised closer cooperation with the United States, Japan and Europe.

The crackdown comes after the World Trade Organisationsided with the USA in January in a complaint that China wasn’t doing enough to enforce patents, copyright and trademarks.  The World Trade Organisation decision could open the doors to allow the US to claim compensation from China and even to impose trade sanctions.

When most of us think about product piracy in China, we usually think about software, DVDs, luxurybrand name goods and the ubiquitous watch salesmen hawking their wares wherever tourists are found.  However, there is a far more serious side to the matter with a growth in the fake medicine market.  American officials say fake Chinese-made heart and anti-cancer drugs have been found as far away as Africa.

It is not unusual for the Chinese government to announce crackdowns on piracy, but, in the past, these crackdowns have not always been enforced as rigorously as the west would like.  There has also been a tendency for the authorities to overlook smalltime offenders or copies of CDs and DVDs, for example, that have not been passed by the state censors and are therefore not available through official channels.

In the software market though, the Chinese Government has already met with some success.

After introducing legislation forcing all computers sold in China to be sold with an operating system installed a few years ago, the number of PCs shipped with legitimate software has risen from 88% in 2007 to 98% in 2009.

Fraser Smith is an IT consultant based in Shanghai, China. He has over 15 years experience in the media industry working with many major news publishers. He is also co-owner and editor of the educational resource for international families, teachers and schools. You can contact Fraser via Twitter by following @FrasSmith.

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